Recycle Santa

It probably sounds familiar to most of us. From books that no one has read to boardgames that no one is excited to play anymore: everyone has toys in their home that still look good but are just laying around collecting dust. And after the yearly Saint Nicholas celebration in the Netherlands, more and more toys are added to the pile. We wanted to do something about it and introduced the Recycle Santa. A toy swap market. For every toy you hand in, you have the option to take a new toy home. The Recycle Santa donates the remaining toys to charity. In short: The Recycle Santa saves both time and money and helps you do something positive for others and for the environment. Now that is a situation where all parties benefit!


Branding A Better World is committed to connecting companies and organizations to a social theme and ensures that the idea gets off the ground to achieve a win, win, win situation for all parties involved. With Recycle Santa, Branding A Better World goes beyond bringing attention to a problem in society and raising awareness: we started a movement that brings about real change. By organizing a toy swap market and calling upon others to spread our message: this is not about slogans or being brass, it is about making a difference. That is how we make a true impact.

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