Team work makes a dream work

Elif Algu

Grown up goals: kindergarten teacher and president on Mars

Dreams of: dance lessons from Bruno Mars

Not so good at: tying my shoes

Branding A Better: World, what else

Anneke van de Watering

Grown up goals: diplomat or rockstar

Dreams of: Prince Harry and roaming about with my campervan

Not so good at: parking (especially with the van)

Branding A Better: understanding for people outside your bubble.

Marte Arink

Grown up goals: farmer and journalist

Dreams of: after years of travelling and living abroad, now mainly the white picket fence

Not so good at: being nice to myself

Branding A Better: society

Leen Filius

Grown up goals: a world traveller

Dreams of: nice things and good food

Not so good at: floating

Branding A Better: LIFE!!

Henriette Tomassen

Grown up goals: model for Ari Seth Cohen

Dreams of: fresh figs with dewdrops still on them

Not so good at: daily routine

Branding A Better: cosmos

Tara de Vries

Grown up goals: world conqueror of happiness

Dreams of: a great journey at sea, the wilder the better

Not so good at: being indoors, housekeeping….oh well

Branding A Better: sense of being, of true value

Clarissa van Deventer

Grown up goals: space shuttle operator

Dreams of: flying whales

Not so good at: coming up with answers to these questions

Branding A Better: butt

Sophie van der Ploeg

Grown up goals: a crazy cat lady

Dreams of: living in a cute little house on the beach in Barcelona

Not so good at: making choices

Branding A Better: friendship

Jasmijn Hoekman

Grown up goals: a spice girl

Dreams of: life on Mars

Not so good at: the morning

Branding A Better: love

Eline van Kessel

Grown up goals: a fit and happy grandma

Dreams of: great dreams

Not so good at: finding my way without Google Maps

Branding A Better: food industry