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In 2011 at Schiphol, BABW helped me a tremendous deal to translate the sustainability agenda into concrete, visible matters at the airport. They created the check-in to sustainability campaign for this. As a result, a complex matter suddenly came alive, not only for our passengers but for the employees as well. Abstract became concrete and it put Schiphol on the map as a company that not only professed sustainability but also translated it into concrete actions.

Director corporate affairs Schiphol (2000-2013)

During the time that I was director AVRO, BABW completed two campaigns for the AVRO and NPO. I was thrilled with the campaign that they did for the 90th anniversary of the AVRO. It certainly was a party, but it also had a message about art that came across beautifully. Tasteful, daring and effective. Because of that, we had every reason to ask whether BABW would develop a campaign for the NPO when we were looking to protest the planned cuts. They developed another great campaign in a hurry, keeping a close eye on the related sensitivities and including all parties. All broadcasters were happy, which is something truly unique in Hilversum!

Director AVROTROS (2006-2014)