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Branding A Better World has helped us enormously by working on our brand positioning with a Brand Social Impact campaign. With the Margriet Belbuddies, we paid attention to the topic of “loneliness among young adults”, in which we deployed Margriet readers throughout the month October to offer a listening ear to these young people. Thanks to the creativity and involvement of BABW, we have managed to put together a very special and social campaign for Margriet. And with that, really set something in motion.


Brand Manager Margriet

Novartis - Branding A Better World

BABW translated our wish to create positive impact for patients into a concrete campaign, based on our company’s mission. The result is a well thought-through and excellently executed concept. We especially appreciate their critical eye and strategic insights, which helped us make the right decisions. This led to a innovative concept with added value to our target group: BABW calls this Brand Social Impact (BSI). BSI created a win-win-win situation: it supports our brand, provides support to the patient and makes the world a better place.


Productmanager Novartis

During the time that I was director AVRO, BABW completed two campaigns for the AVRO and NPO. I was thrilled with the campaign that they did for the 90th anniversary of the AVRO. It certainly was a party, but it also had a message about art that came across beautifully. Tasteful, daring and effective. Because of that, we had every reason to ask whether BABW would develop a campaign for the NPO when we were looking to protest the planned cuts. They developed another great campaign in a hurry, keeping a close eye on the related sensitivities and including all parties. All broadcasters were happy, which is something truly unique in Hilversum!



Branding A Better World - AVROTROS
Beeld Testimonial SophieGreen Branding A Better World

Branding A Better World helped us launch our refillable and natural cleaning product SophieGreen. From the sharpened brand positioning to the campaign concept and production, the team has provided us with fantastic support throughout the campaign. As true partners, we have put together a wonderful and effective launch campaign and thus made a start on our pursuit of a better world with less plastic.



Founder & owner SophieGreen