Better World Impact

Who we are

Branding A Better World is an agency with a mission: Building brands that want to contribute to a better world.


We believe that brands that want to stay relevant, must be willing to think about their role in the world. We call this Return To Society©. What about the Return To Society of your company or organization? How do you convert your social involvement into concrete actions?


That is where Branding A Better World can help. Together we can turn this willingness into concrete action. We help brands take on their social role in a way that perfectly fits with the brand and is perceived as credible. We want to help businesses produce something that generates more than just solid figures. For everyone. We call this Return To Society©.


That is why we do not believe that a campaign will be the automatic solution to everything. In fact, we often find the opposite to be true: when the solution becomes the campaign.


Hence our credo: The solution is the campaign.

What we do

We carry on where most advertising agencies stop. Or maybe we just start much earlier than they would. As creative impact agency, we develop concrete solutions, inspiring actions and stories that not only strengthen a brand, but also have a positive impact. A positive impact on society, our living environment, employees and yes of course, the business as well. Afterwards we ensure that the solution receives the attention it deserves: the solution is the campaign. This is how your Return on Society becomes your Return to Society.

How we do it

Working with our clients, we bring good initiatives to life. Sometimes this starts with something as simple as a request: ‘Give us some of that Corporate Responsibility, Sustainable Business or Purpose Diven Marketing’. Or maybe just: ‘We also want to do something good’. Whatever the starting point, we turn these thoughts into something concrete. Sometimes there is already a good initiative in place. Great! That means that all there is to do is ensuring that people just can’t ignore it.


Are you curious about what your Return To Society© could be? Drop by our office or get in touch. We would love to tell you more.



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